Some basic learning that isn't easy to find:

Your database includes all of your users, permissions, topics, plugin settings, and your skin.

FTP Files
Your FTP files include the code for your software (most people use MyBB), your plugins (this is where you upload new plugins), and your users' avatars. Some people put additional things here manually like skin images or website files. You are granted a FTP account in order to upload mods and more.

Installing plugins and mods
Because mods (the same as a plugin) are created by individual people in their spare time, sometimes they are not created with the best quality. Personally, I recommend creating a backup of your database and FTP files before you start installing a batch of mods, so if they make a big mess that doesn't go away when you uninstall them, you can just revert to the way things were before easily.

Backup tidiness
Because of the backups I make automatically, any backups that you make and put on your FTP are multiplied in the amount of space that it takes. Please try to only keep the ones that you really need.

How to make your own FTP file backup
Simply download all the files in your FTP. It takes a while. Please check the size of your files, it should be at least 1.3 MB.

How to make a your own database backup from the ACP
Log into the ACP and follow the steps (here) to make a backup. Please check the size of your files, anything looking with a size of 0 is corrupted and needs to be re-done.

Login Issues

If you can't log in, out, or stay logged in, then you are having login issues, caused by cookies.

The most common reason is that we moved over your domain name but did not change your cookie settings yet. You can do it, or I can do it, it only takes a moment or two. If you have a domain name and you have not told me about it, even if you changed the name servers (see moving), you need to tell me so I can complete the process on my end. If your domain name looks like or, then this is most likely not the issue as these values are always populated correctly during your MyBB installation, so you should contact me so that we can investigate.

If you have your own domain name, say,, and you want to use it, you need to edit these values. I'm using the example above of (this is the same as and ), so you will need to use what applies to you.

$settings['bburl'] = "";
$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";
$settings['cookiepath'] = "/";
$settings['cookieprefix'] = "";

Another, but unlikely situation is that your member clicked a link that lead them back to your old home where they are not logged in anymore. Simply ask them what the URL of the webpage is to verify.

If it is not either of those issues, and if you are using a URL like, try having them use (or vice versa).

In the extremely rare situation that the problem persists, have them clear the browser cookies that pertain to your website by removing any cookies that match a search for [websitename] or "sunwolves"

No Emails

If registration emails aren't sending or something of that sort, it's likely you need to adjust your email settings in your ACP.

Go to ACP > Configuration > Site Details
Make sure that Admin Email is your email.

Next, under ACP > Configuration > Mail Settings
Mail Handler shold be PHP Mail, and Additional Parameters... should be blank.


This is a list of guides that I personally thought would be most useful. There are many guides out there, don't be afraid to look for more!

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