Aug 09, 2017 Sunwolves will be shutting down on July 06, 2017, and we will not be accepting new hostees. I am proud of you all, good luck out there.
Dec 31, 2016 Added learning center and moving
Dec 29, 2016 Added some FAQs
Jan 6, 2016 Now hosting Aashirya
Jun 06, 2015 Upgrade to VPS is complete, sites experienced 40 minutes of downtime.
May 29, 2015 All hostees will have downtime as we perform performance upgrades. Because of the way the internet pipes work, URLs may take 2-48 hours to be accessable again because of the way DNS works. Please check with your particular website for further instructions. If you cannot access your website, sometimes flushing your DNS can help.
Apr 06, 2015 Dauntless has opened!
Jan 24, 2015 Welcome Charming!
Mar 12, 2014 Website redesign
Mar 03, 2014 Pokemon tools update is in progress
Feb 04, 2014 Now hosting Myst
Jan 24, 2014 Now hosting Legacy
Sep 19, 2013 Now hosting Lytrexxa
Sep 3, 2013 Starting gamification mod project
Aug 01, 2013 Now hosting Apparition Dreams
May 12 , 2013 Re-hosting Erde Wolves (2)
Dec 22, 2012 Now hosting Harvest Monsters
Nov 13, 2012 Erdewolves and Sunwolves have been recycled for resources
Oct 01, 2012 Added an egg generator, Danko spawner updated, Pseduo-random number generator updated
Aug 06, 2012 Fixed many danko spawner bugs and lvl-uper bugs
Jul 26, 2012 Lvlup bug fixes: set to bw1 only moves, nidoran M/F bug, set only pure-lvlup evolutions to show
Jul 25, 2012 Completion of slots
Jul 24, 2012 Creation of a homepage for all hostees and projects
Jul 09, 2012 Preliminary version of spawner completed
May 10, 2012 Sunwolves reigns handed to its members
May 08, 2012 Erde hosted
Mar 07, 2012 Sunwolves created & hosted


Price: Semi-free
It's $10 to set up which you get back. I only accept Paypal (Paypal accounts take time to set up). Since I assume risk, time, and overhead, this weeds out the nonserious.

  • $10 back at end of first month if you are opened and active OR
  • $5 back at end of second month if opened and active

What you get
I can host any LAMP Software like MyBB, PhpBB, SMF, etc (IPB 1.3 incompatible). Hosting includes FTP and support (usually < 24 hours, if not, try again, I missed it).

Hosting policy

  • I only host roleplays
  • Any roleplay rating is fine
  • Please ward away spam
  • No adult content images
  • I reserve the right to reclaim my space and resources. But I will always contact you first. I'm negotiable.
  • It would be neat, but is not required, if you could put up my affiliate button. Send yours my way so I can do the same.

Me, you, our relationship
I am not a hand-holdy person, so I need hostees who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, use roleplay resource sites like RPG-D, and even Google on occasion. I can help you with questions, problems, or advice - but, my job isn't to do it all for you (use RPG-D to find staff for that). Lastly, good luck! Getting a roleplay up is always the easiest part, getting it going for the first time is the hardest, and running it is a long haul that requires devotion and love.

FAQ: Compatibility
I am compatible with all manner of LAMP softwares (eg, made with PhP) including MyBB, PhPBB, and many more. Unfortunately, I'm not compatible with IPB 1.3 and I strongly recommend moving away from it ASAP. Contact me if you have questions about this.

FAQ: Moving Software
If you would like to move from one software program or website or forum to another, please contact me and I will do my best to help you. Sometimes these things are nice and easy, sometimes they are messy and hard. Regardless, I will help the best I can.

Piggy-back web hoster and developer. Contact me via AIM xexes255, or by MSNM/email : xexes255 AT , or by RPG-D PM.
RPG-D Isoldehn - Coding & Hosting

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